Monday, November 02, 2009

Is US broadband capacity too weak to handle telecommuting for a pandemic?

Here’s a good one. CNN, over the Halloween weekend, reported the concern that so many people would telecommute and work from home during the H1N1 influenza crisis that the Internet would come to a halt.

More specifically, the nation, when compared to Japan or South Korea, does not have the broadband capacity to deal with a sudden increase in tele-work (including teleconferencing in lieu of travel by air) that can happen during a pandemic.

Any takers on this argument? I suppose we could face the question again, if something deadlier, like H5N1 (instead of H1N1) surfaces.

Who keeps all the telecomminications and ISP's up if we have really big workplace outages?

Let the FCC ponder this now.

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