Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cloud Computing and new operating systems: provides another argument for greatly improved domestic broadband

Miguel Helft offers a strategically important article on p B4 of the Friday Nov. 20 Business Section of The New York Times, “Google offers peak at operating system, a potential challenge to Windows,” web URL link here, tied to the Chrome browser, which I personally generally find works faster than IE or Mozilla.

The operating system would depend on using the Internet to perform many functions typically loaded today onto PC’s as running (often startup) programs. This might even included word processing.

The concept is called “cloud computing.” But it would place a much greater dependency on broadband. Users would buy smaller, cheaper and more portable PC’s (embedded perhaps in blackberries or iPhone or tablet like devices) and depend on cable or wireless for basic functions. This also makes wireless security a bigger issue. Broadband access in remote areas becomes more important, as does equitable use of bandwidth.

The Obama administration should take note of the technical nature of operating systems proposed to depend on cloud computing, in order to pursue broadband infrastructure policy.

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