Friday, October 23, 2009

FCC begins tedious process of writing net neutrality rules

The Oct. 23 Washington Post has a story by Cecilia Kang, p 18A, link web URL here to the effect that writing the network neutrality regulations will be a long and politically difficult process. The story title is “FCC to draft net neutrality rules, taking step toward Web regulation: Writing of regulations expected to be long, contentious process”.

Even progressives and liberals admit that poorly conceived rules, while superficially protecting consumers from arbitrary actions by telecommunications providers, could hurt small startup companies attempting creative innovations, such as with the many new ideas being tossed around for new social media.

On page 22A of the same paper, Mike Musgrove reports on comments by Google chief executive Eric Schmidt, to the effect that abusive behavior by major telecommunications companies should be prohibited, major bigtime regulation should be avoided because it would shut down innovation by the smaller businesses that liberal politicians believe they are trying to protect.

A comparable story appears on p A5 of The Washington Times, "FCC moves on Net Neutrality: Cites concern over Internet's accessibility", by Tom LoBianoc, here.

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