Friday, September 04, 2009

USTelecom CEO makes "simple" arguments against legislated net neutrality

I found an older anti-network Neutrality story by John Eggerton in a cable industry website, in which Walter McCormick, president of US Telecom, argued against the legislation without using the bad “nn” words. The story dates to May 2008, here. It refers to a speech to a First Amendment Think Tank at the Media Institute.

McCormick claims that the essential nature of broadband tends to invite competition (as long as government doesn’t rig things to discourage it), and if a telecom provider behaves in a discriminatory manner, in time competition will always punish it. Of course, such an argument presumes that telecom companies can naturally make enough profit by serving smaller customers in a neutral manner. The controversy over “amateurism” discussed elsewhere in these blogs could call that into question.

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