Wednesday, July 01, 2009

"Safelink Wireless" is a free service available for income-eligible customers

On Tuesday June 30 television stations ran public service advertisements for a service called “Safelink Wireless”, a government program that provides wireless service and free minutes to customers within certain income parameters. The link is here. Call waiting and voicemail are available, and unused minutes do roll over (see the comment). The website offers a zipcode box to get details for your state. For example, in Virginia you have to participate already in another public assistance program, and no one in your household (even if not in a legal relationship) can received cell service.

The ad emphasized the value of the program for customers stranded in an automobile in rural areas.


Anonymous said...

The minutes, do indeed roll over if you do not use the given minutes.

mlmoreno said...

Safelink is government theft! I am now paying for free cell phones and guess what? the call center at 1 800 SAFELINK is located in India!!! My tax dollars now pay for free cellphones and the wages of non-US citizens. Can you believe it?
Just call up and ask to talk with customer service.
Contact your senator and get this repealed!