Tuesday, July 21, 2009

NHTSA held back report on cell phone use and driving: telecommunications lobby at "work"?

So now we reach another one of Joshua Cooper Ramo’s “unthinkable” ideas: maybe all cell phone use in cars will be banned soon. That comes after the National Highway Safety Administration (link) got caught in the open without having revealed a 2003 study showing how dangerous it could be. Girls, even with handheld devices, it’s the conversation that distracts. The “unthinkable” and “horrid” story is available here.

What’s next, banning eating and coffee drinking? That can help keep you awake.

Media reports rumor that the cell phone industry “lobbied” to suppress the report. I wonder.

I applied for a job with NHTSA back in 1971, one of the few times in my career when I was pseudo-desperate.

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