Thursday, July 09, 2009

New router for geeks shows the temper of the telecommunications companies

I’m a little late reporting this news story, and I wonder on which blog it best fits – but I’m picking on my Network Neutrality blog, because one of the practical considerations for “net neutrality” is the user friendliness of any of the hardware and software that consumers need to communicate over the Internet, whether the Web, social networking, entertainment (the focus of this item), or P2P.

So we have an article July 1 in The New York Times by David Pogue about the ultimate “mashup” (to borrow a buzzword from Joshua Cooper Ramo and his recent book on “The Unthinkable”) home PC device: the D-Link DIR-685 router, which would allow the hobbyist (and amateur movie pirate) to download BitTorrent files while having everything out of the house – perhaps for that mandatory business trip. The link is here.

Pogue makes the point that the directions for the product are misleading and that the company seems to have sloppy support. Telecommunications companies act as if they expect all their customers to be teen geeks.

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