Friday, July 17, 2009

Congressional doublespeak on airwaves "Fairness Doctrine"

Bob Unruh, of World Net Daily, has a story reporting a House Rules Committee rejection a resolution preventing restoration of a provision to allow the FCC to enforce the “fairness doctrine” over the airwaves. The story believes that the FCC unfairly censors religious broadcasters. I know, the story is confusing and it seems to consist of a “double negative.” Such is politics.

The Heritage Foundation has a position paper arguing against the Fairness Doctrine (why it is “anything but fair”) here, The basic argument is that proliferation of stations (and now of individual speakers and bloggers) makes it unnecessary.

Wikipedia’s article on the Fairness Doctrine is here. It was stopped in 1987 under the Reagan administration. It should not be confused with the Equal Time Rule.

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