Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Broadband carriers do not a "cartel" make!

Rob Domanski (computer science and political science instructor from City College of New York) has a blog (“The Nerfherder”, as if from the NBC show “Chuck”) posting that shoots down a false analogy between “bandwidth cartels” like AT&T + Comcast, and oil cartels, as with OPEC. The posting comes from last summer, here.

An earlier posting from him analyzes a question from a post on the Google policy blog, “What if you could own your own Internet connection?,” also from July 2008, by Policy Analyst Derek Slater. The experiment is already going on in Ottawa, Ontario, and the analogy to owning your own connection could be like owning a personal computer in the early 1980s, the Radio Shack days (when computing was dominated by mainframes and especially IBM). Another analogy is the time it took for owning your own phone to become acceptable. It’s a pretty immodest proposal

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