Thursday, June 04, 2009

AOL provides information on cable-broadband provider popularity

AOL has provided a list of the “top searched cable providers” from its own search, the number one being Comcast. Here is the link.

The consumer faces perplexing choices: a switch to another company to get an introductory combo rate can be cumbersome. What’s becoming apparent is that many people experience broadband and cable as like a basic “utility”: many more people work on their own, as consultants, and have to manage their own home of small business infrastructure (which leads to the topic yesterday, about owning your own Internet connection). There are more jobs, like home customer service agents, that require that the worker do this. So the comparison of different companies can create a critical decision.

The other important issue is availability of dependable broadband everywhere – which is still an issue in more remote areas. Generally, small communities have found that dependable broadband does help their small businesses provide more jobs. Further, broadband is going to become important in reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions, as Thomas Friedman has pointed out – even if this sounds like an anti-Luddite paradox. This is still a major infrastructure priority for the new administration.

Picture: George Mason University, Fairfax VA -- admittedly the shot didn't turn out the way I hoped.

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