Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Wall Street Journal has large wireless lifestyle insert today

The print version of the April 1, 2009 Wall Street Journal (I really do buy printed newspapers sometimes, like a good citizen) carried a large special advertising section titled “Wireless World.” Usually, you don’t expect to find these online, but, lo and behold, here it is, “wireless advances around the world,” at this link.

The cornerstone companies were Sprint and Verizon, each with full page promos.

There’s an article by Joe Mullich, “How to pick your mobile lifestyle.” One of the biggest points of the entire section ins the generational spread. Younger people expected to be followed with tweets and accept the “intrusions” of others’ cell phone conversations and texting in public, whereas older generations (especially overseas, particularly in Japan) see it as rude. The “intimacies” on disco dance floors get interrupted by calls and particularly text messages all the time (like every disco is an extension of “Gossip Girl”).

Japan is about to get cellphones with 3-D images.

Sprint has found that a surprising 18% of Americans now depend on wireless without a landline.

More businesses are finding that wireless is essential for their sales forces (particularly in insurance). But home-based catalog customer service has yet to allow its workers to get by on wireless alone (possibly because of security concerns) but that is likely to change eventually.

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