Sunday, April 26, 2009

International roaming charges shock some customers

Jacqui Cheng has an interesting Ars Technica article on what can happen if you download too much overseas without activating a data roaming plan. “Alberto” was hit with a $62000 bill, later negotiated down to $17000, for downloading the 98 minute “Wall*e” while on vacation in Mexico. There’s also a class action lawsuit against iPhone for a $2000 charge for roaming in Mexico.

The moral is, plan carefully before traveling abroad.

I can recall being bemused for a separate $2.95 “international” connection charge to AOL from a motel in Thunder Bay, Ontario back over Labor Day weekend in 2001, when I lived in Minneapolis. I would receive a spammy email warning of impending catastrophe, which I attributed to just that, or maybe a virus. It’s a peculiar memory. The last time I was in Europe was spring 2001, and I found it easy to get on the web in hotels everywhere, even then, without significant charges.

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