Thursday, December 04, 2008

ACLU warns about "triggerfish technology" -- even corporate good intentions may not be enough!

Maybe this posting ought to be on the main blog, where I have a lot about “privacy” but I guess it has a bearing on how telecommunications companies behave. Or actually, shall we say, the government behaves.

The ACLU has a blog posting from Daily Kos by Richard Meyers, “With Technology Like This, Who Needs the Law?” link here. It’s about “triggerfish” technology, “a cell site simulator that forces cell phones in the area to register its phone number, serial number and location”. The government then can track cell phone users (and presumably Internet activity on them or similar devices like Blackberries, even profile or blog activity), to follow an individual without court supervision whenever there is some kind of suspicion. It seems that the government can do this without the telecommunications company involvement or permission. It also sounds that the companies would have an incentive to go along with government tracking in order to be treated more favorably.

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