Friday, March 07, 2008

NY State, FCC look down harder on ISPs' management of broadband usage

The New York State Attorney General has subpoenaed Comcast to provide information on how it manages incidental customer overuse on its high speed broadband Internet services. Comcast has said that some management is necessary to prevent degradation of service and response time to customers with more ordinary data transfer volumes. The story is on AP Feb 27, 2008 "NY AG Subpoenas Comcast on Broadband," here.

Other companies often encourage home users to download lots of material. Netflix now offers subscribers some movies for direct play, and when I tried to use it last summer, it stalled after a half hour. Software companies use downloads; it takes over an hour to download Microsoft Visual Studio Express on a broadband connection.

Also, on Feb. 25, the FCC said that it would regulate ISP's who are overzealous in manipulating various streams of data traffic. The story by Mark Jewell is "FCC Ready to Curb ISP Traffic Management," link here.

Of course, BitTorrent provides the source of a lot of political tension over this whole issue.

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