Friday, March 28, 2008

BitTorrent and Comcast agree to collaborate in developing fair capacity management

Comcast and BitTorrent have agreed to work together on the issue of fair capacity planning and management, given the changing nature of Internet traffic with the increased use of video, including user-generated content, and (legal) downloading of feature films from services like Netflix, as well as an increase in legal (copyright approved) file-sharing P2P services. The buzzword is a "protocol agnostic" technique.

The BitTorrent press release is titled: "Comcast and BitTorrent Form Collaboration to Address Network Management, Network Architecture and Content Distribution," and the link is here.

Yahoo! also has a story and Press Release here.

It could supposed that this collaboration is intended to ward off regulatory attempts in Congress, even as these seem well-intention and moderate now to most people.

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