Monday, February 04, 2008

Stories about AT&T, Intelius

There is a major report on by Tim Stevens, "AT&T Suffering Intermittent Outages," link here.

Comments by visitors on AOL where the story appeared generally reflect negatively onm AT&T service and prefer other vendors.

In 2006, after a localized freak winter thunderstorm, I lost local phone service for three days. I had AT&T although the lines belonged to Verizon. It took three days for someone to show up to reconnect a downed line, when there was not any widespread damage in the area. The cable service (Comcast) did not fail in the incident.

In the summer of 2003, I worked as a debt collector on the AT&T account. That was interesting.

All this news story seems to represent is the need to support competition.

Update: Feb 5

There is another intriguing story on by Terrence O'Brien, where Intelius is shutting down a national cell phone directory over privacy concerns. The story title is "Controversial Cell Phone Number Directory Closes Up Shop" and the link is here.
I had discussed Intelius last week in connection with data mining and privacy, here.

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