Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Verizon Wireless will allow any phone or device on its network

An AOL story today by Terrence O'Brien "Verizon Wireless To Let You Use Any Phone On Its Network" reports that Verizon will allow connection with any device that meets its standards on its network. The standards will be published in early 2008. Apparently they will not allow T-Mobile, AT&T and iPhone. The company may charge a fee to test attached devices. Apparently the move satisfied FCC auction requirements and does not relinquish a lot of "control." The link is here here (aol subscription might be required).

A similar story by Kim Hart appears on p D1 (Business) of The Washington Post today, Nov. 28, "Verizon To Open Its Wireless Network: Move Gives Users Increased Choices" here.

One disadvantage of the policy change is a greater risk of malware appearing on a cell phone, since Verizon no longer controls all the software that can be loaded.

Verizon as a company has been moving aggressively into the consolidated communications market with fibre-optic packages to offer all services.

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