Thursday, October 11, 2007

FCC ponders "reregulation", debates NN in retrograde

Things are pretty schizophrenic right now on the deregulation (and tangentially “net neutrality” debate), where terms are getting thrown around like pasta. Today (Thursday Oct. 11, 2007) The Washington Times had an op-ed by Hance Haney, “Broadbandits revenge,” to the effect that a soon-to-occur FCC decision on re-regulation could essentially force individuals and small businesses to foot the bill for preferential treatment for large companies. This is the “liberal” net neutrality argument in reverse. The link is here.

James Gatusso has a blog entry on this today (Oct. 11) on Technology Liberation Front, (“The FCC Faces a Deadline: Decisions on Special Access and Broadband Tonight?”)
as well as another entry to the effect that presidential candidates have backed off discussing this topic.

I’ll mention another blog to follow issues like this, “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry Blog: Cheering on Creative Destruction”, Angryblog. Tim Lee had a column in Brainwash in May 2006 “Save the net from what”? (here)in which he minimizes claims that companies naturally abuse freedom to censor users, although a couple of recent stories (on this blog Sept 29) complaining about Verizon and AT&T have occurred since then.

There is a lot more to unscramble here, as the language keeps changing.

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