Wednesday, May 16, 2007

EDUCause presents detailed talking points favoring Network Neutrality

A group called EDUCAUSE which appears to represent interests of universities and other educational institutions has provided some talking points in support of Network Neutrality legislation.

The two page paper (PDF) notes a couple of incidents that are disturbing. One cable ISP provider tried to prevent people working from home to log on to their employer’s VPN (virtual private network) without the employer’s paying more fees. A Canadian ISP prevented access to a website run by a labor union in a dispute with the ISP. SBC Communications (AT&T) reportedly considered not allowing large companies to access their broadband network without additional fees. And one company prevented its broadband customers from using Voice-over protocols because that could reduce phone revenue.

The paper, however, argues neutrality with respect to traffic has been important to the growth of the web.

EDUCause has further discussion here.
Dated May 8, 2007.

It does appear that the incidents reported are narrow in scope and would be covered by appropriate pricing plans in a free market.

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