Thursday, February 22, 2007

Congressional Digest has major issue on Network Neutrality Debate

The February 2007 issue of the upscale Congressional Digest, expensive but available in public libraries, carries on the debate over proposed network neutrality legislation. The libertarian side insists that telecommunications providers have no intention of discriminating against small users and providers, and that a competitive environment would prevnet them. The "liberals" still insist that legislated neutrality is necessary so that ordinary bloggers can compete witn CNN and MSNBC. The relevant bills are now HR 5252 and S 2682 / S2683. Contributors include Sen Ron Wyden (D, OR), Rep Joe Barton (R TX), Ed Markey (D MA, who has his own amendment to the bill regarding bandwidth charges), Walter B. McCormick of the U. S. Telecomm Association, and Vinton G. Cerf of Google, who discusses "neural networks."

Links: Netcompetition
Google's own arguments

I still haven't decided much about this one.

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