Friday, January 26, 2007

Freedom Works sends out email warning

Saying that the 110th Congress has re-introduced the Internet Freddom Preservation Act, a website called Freedom Works has sent out a email warning "Leftists Aim to Seize Control of Internet (Again)." Sponsors allegeldy include Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Barack Obama, and Barbara Boxer.

Here is the link that they provide.

Of course, this sort of adovacy by well-funded pressure groups contains a great deal of hyperbole. It doesn't exactly fit the idea of objective examination that I would want to see,

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Brendan said...

The co-sponsors of the legislation are accurate. I'd be happy to discuss why we oppose "net neutrality" legislation.

We are dedicated to free market principles, and allowing the federal government to set price controls violates those principles.

Google, Amazon and their fellow content providers want a free ride on the pipes owned by other companies.

Please contact me if you'd like more information. Thank you for covering this important issue.