Thursday, December 07, 2006

Epifora / Verizon case does raise questions about common carrier "censorship"

I've just looked at some of this, but the following story by Bill Andriette about the disconnection of Epifora (a Montreal ISP) from Verizon for 30 days because of content concerns (over minors) is disturbing. The link is here.

I'm going to avoid the mudslinging, because there would be so many hard facts that I cannot verify. You will see Electronic Frontier Foundation's concerns in the article, and the concerned raised by Perverted Justice (associated with stings by NBC Dateline). But you can at least see the relevance to the ongoing debate over network neutrality, as the climate (especially fallout into other countries outside the U.S., which does affect ISP acceptable use policies) can pressure large trunk providers into "censorship" with little oversight.