Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Major broadcast networks sue non-profit trying to provide Internet TV that gets around loss of service during contract disputes

Jon Brodkin reports that the major broadcast networks are suing Locast, trying to force it out of business, in an Arstechnica story.  The non-profit was rebroadcasting without paying license fees (which can become controversial legally under current copyright law).

The service is potentially valuable to consumers who lose access to major broadcast channels from their cable channels because of internal contract disputes;  otherwise users would need rabbit ear antennas, the old fashioned way (or an apartment building master antenna, which used to be common).

Monday, July 22, 2019

"Fight for the Future" takes on a new cause: stopping facial recognition software

Lately, “Fight for the Future” has taken on other issues, like misuse of facial recognition and maybe aging projection software, as in this article.

It’s rather interesting to see an organization request donations and then tell you what you should fight for.

Curiously, the House mentioned network neutrality again in hearings last week on tech monopolies (Bill Boushka blog, July 20).

Sunday, July 07, 2019

Burger King sets up a crude experiment to demonstrate net neutrality

While we wait for more developments on network neutrality repeal undo, Shafi Musaddique has an allegorical article in the UK Independent, where Burger King set up an experiment for fun, link
You could get your Whopper with cheese faster if you paid more than customers who waited in line.

It sort of sounds like auctioning off a cook’s time.