Sunday, March 18, 2018

Litigation against net neutrality repeal consolidated; three telecom trade associations defend FCC with arguments; broadband "nutrition labels"

Jon Brodkin has a summary and explanation of the litigation, at least twelve lawsuits and counting, against the FCC over the Network Neutrality repeal, on Arstechnica, here
But three lobbying groups for the telecom industry have filed their “defense” of the FCC action as the lawsuits are combined into one.  It appears that it is headed for the Ninth Circuit. Brodkin has another article here

Technically the Net Neutrality rules expire April 23, pending one more OMB action.  It is not yet clear if this litigation would stop the Net Neutrality reversal from going into effect that day.  It seems unlikely that telecom companies would make any major changes immediately however.  I personally think they may pressure publishers more into https and website safety rating. 
Note the case about Charter in New York above   Note the stuff about broadband “nutrition labels.”

Thursday, March 08, 2018

Pundits ask: will net neutrality repeal turn the Internet into a grindhouse?

Salvador Rizzo has a perspective and analysis in the Washington Post today: “Will the FCC’s Net Neutrality repeal grind the Internet to a halt?”
Well, it this a grindhouse?  The article really doesn’t consider the timing of litigation or possible Congressional action. 
The article mentions various informal pledges from telecom providers, but believes that paid fast lanes will gradually develop.
The lack of good broadband in some rural areas is still and issue.  Around Green Bank W Va, it isn’t wanted.

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Senate introduces network neutrality bill; Washington signs first state law

Democrats have introduced two bills to restore net neutrality, even if there is little chance of passage within 60 days – to make it an election issue this fall.  These are Senators Chuck Schumer and Ron Wyde, (D-OR), Vice story here
And Jay Inslee, of Washington State, has signed the first state network neutrality law, NYTImes story Monday here.