Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Repair service for cable, high speed Internet needs the same priority as traditional phone

Horace Holms, of ABC7News (WJLA) in Washington DC, reports on very slow customer service from Comcast from a DC area customer who called to report downed wires in her backyard. Although "7 on your side" got Comcast to fix the problem, the company would not give the television station an interview.

It seems that the standard response time is 72 hours. I’ve generally gotten response sooner than that (except after the 2012 derecho, where contractors would not come until power was restored in many areas, not just mine).

In an era when Internet access is a utility, this hardly seems acceptable.  But in early 2005, we had a case of a downed telephone landline, owned by Verizon but service from ATT, on a Friday morning. The line was not restrung until Monday afternoon.