Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Berners-Lee differentiates network "services" from "infrastructure" in advocating pro-neutrality regulation by FCC

Tim Berners-Lee has drawn a distinction between “Internet infrastructure” and “Internet services” in arguing for network neutrality, in a summary in TechDirt, here. Berners-Lee says that the biggest companies could destroy competition and the free market if allowed to.  So, echoing George Soros when talking about financial regulation, Berners-Lee says you need some regulation of the biggest players to make sure they allow a fair playing field for smaller companies, especially in providing services.    

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Netflix, others plan to "pretend" to slowdown Sept. 10 to protest FCC proposals for a fast lane

Some major Internet companies, including Netflix and Reddit (and even Pornhub), will show “loading wheels” and give the appearance being on a slow lane (or not being on the fast lane, as a matter of logic) all day Thursday Sept. 10, to protest FCC plans to allow major providers to allow other big countries to pay for “fast lanes”.  EFF has a link for the story here. The demonstration seems less dramatic than the day that Wikipedia took itselfdown in 2012 to protest SOPA proposals. 
It appears that sites won’t actually load slower – that’s a bit unclear.  But maybe Sept. 10 one can just play a DVD rather than stream.  It’s always “go big or go home”.  

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Facebook is not alone in driving up cell charges with autoplay default

Facebook isn't the only service provider whose "auto play" default might be driving up data usage and cell phone bills of many customers, especially teens and younger ones, according to an article in Network World Sept. 3, link here.
Autplay defaults became more prevalent in late 2013, and usage escalated during the recent Ice Bucket Challenge, which has attracted a lot of criticism for other reasons.