Thursday, November 15, 2007

Microsoft supports network neutrality with moderate statement

Some postings on Microsoft's own corporate site establish the company's support for Network Neutrality legislation.

One such example is on a page called "Policy Agenda: Issues Vital to the Future" with the link here. The subheading is called "Economic Opportunity: Preserving Consumers’ Internet Freedoms (Net Neutrality)." Microsoft claims that there are two core ideas that should be part of the legal system. These are: (1) preserve the ability of consumers to access and use lawful Internet sites, content, services, applications, and devices of their choice; and (2) ensure that network operators will not unfairly or inequitably interfere with the ability of online companies to deliver their products to consumers over the network operators’ local facilities.

Microsoft has detailed Congressional testimonyby Craig Mundie from March 2006 on rural broadband access here,

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